Products that Change your Travel Life

Remember your life before the phones were introduced? You had a separate alarm to wake up on time, a desk or pocket calendar to check dates and holidays, a calculator whenever you needed some math to be done, a map in the car to find your way out of an unknown route and also a camera on the side to snap out your memories but now when you look at your life, it’s only a matter of holding a smart phone in your hand and you have everything that you need. This is just a simple example that I took off a very relatable experience to all of us just to show much certain things can change our lives.

We know how much our lives have changed ever since technology came into more practice and it has definitely been an exciting ride all throughout to be experiencing new trends, techniques and tools every day that makes our lives much easier and simpler to deal with. Think about how much it has affected your business deals, day to day life and in this read, I’ll take you through few products that were introduced by certain companies that could change your travel life immensely.

Google trips

This application is quite creepy if you think through how well they know the places you’d like to visit, the kind of transport you’d pick, the sort of food you’ll choose of menu and put together all of these into coming up with a great trip for you. they’ll not only pick the hotels for you but will also choose the different route maps you could take in and places you go see which has made your travel life incredibly convenient.

Café Wi-Fi

A smart phone is not smart anymore without a Wi-Fi connection and this is why this application helps you to find crowdsourced places where you can work away from your office while being connected to a stable internet connection and have a comfortable working environment.  This will help you to work from anywhere even after you go to a complete different country and needed a good working space to work in.

Tinder Social

Tinder is a popular dating application that enables two unknown parties to get together and know each but the good thing about this Tinder Social is that it makes two locals who live in different cities could interact and visit places that they’ve never been to before.

These are some of the great applications or products that were introduced that could change our travel life in a really good way. It can make your life so much easier and travelling won’t be as stressful as it once was.

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